Volume Leaderboard

A reflection of how much value a trader added to Jediswap AMM relative to others traders

Users need to earn Volume points to get into the Jediswap Volume leaderboard.

Jediswap volume points reflect the value added by different users as traders relative to other traders. The volume points formula is designed to reward authentic traders in the most effective way possible.

A user earns volume points for each swap based on certain conditions.

The formula to calculate the volume points is as below

Volume points for an address = sum of volume points for all swaps of that address

Volume points for a swap = swap fee(USD value) * Early adopter multiplier * Sybil multiplier * 1000

Swap Fee paid

Including swap fees as a factor helps Jediswap measure traders’ impact on the LPs of a pair. The more fees traders pay, the more fees liquidity providers earn, which attracts more users to add liquidity.

Early adopter multiplier

The early adopter multiplier helps the Jediswap community align incentives for early users. Usually, the earlier the users come, the more expensive the DEX is for them and the more value they add in spinning up the network effects. Hence, the value of the early adopter multiplier will gradually decrease as Jediswap grows. The problem-solving guild decides the early adopter multiplier for a period of time. The current early adopter multiplier is 3.

Sybil multiplier

The biggest challenge in measuring volume points is rewarding authentic users and not driving wash trading. Solving this will always have tradeoffs, but the tradeoffs should be transparent. To create a balance for each swap, we check if the swap fee paid was higher than the 25 percentile of the swaps. If the swap fee paid was higher than the bottom 25% of the swap fees paid, then it gets a multiplier of 1 otherwise it gets a multiplier of 0.

It means only the top 75% swaps by fee paid earns the daily volume points.


Alice swapped $100 worth of ETH in USDC on March 3rd, ’24, and paid $0.3 in swap fees. If 100 swaps were made on March 3rd, we would order all 100 swaps in decreasing order based on the swap fee paid. Then, we will check how much fee the 76th swap paid. Let’s say the 76th swap paid $0.1 in fees. Here will be the volume points for Alice on March 3rd for that swap.

Early adopter multiplier = 3

Sybil multiplier = 1 (since $0.3 > $0.1)

Alice’s points = 0.3 * 3 * 1 * 1000 = 900

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