How to add liquidity

Earn passive yield on your assets by providing liquidity
Providing liquidity to an AMM is one of the easiest ways to earn a good passive yield on your assets. The AMM pool uses this liquidity to enable swaps and, in return, charges a fee to users making a swap. This fee is distributed back to liquidity providers proportional to their share of liquidity in the liquidity pool. Currently, JediSwap charges a flat 0.3% on each swap.

1. Choose tokens for which you want to provide liquidity

  • Choose the token using which you wish to provide liquidity.

2. Fill in the input amounts

  • Input the number of tokens you want to add to the liquidity pool.

3. Review your transaction details

  • Click on the "Supply" button to preview your transaction for providing liquidity.
  • Review your transaction details, including the tokens' input amount and the slippage setting.

4. Confirm your transaction

  • Once you have reviewed your transaction details, click the "Confirm Supply" button.

5. Sign the add liquidity transaction

  • Once you click the "Confirm Supply" button, Argent-X will open a prompt to sign the transaction. Click on "Sign" to complete the transaction.

6. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed

Wait for the transaction to process on Starknet. While Starknet is in alpha, it might take a few seconds to a few minutes to complete.