🎁DeFi Spring STRK incentives for v1

STRK incentives for Jediswap liquidity providers


Jediswap protocol users are receiving STRK rewards as part of the Starknet DeFi Spring by the Starknet Foundation. Our methodology for generating the suggested allocation of these incentives to Jediswap liquidity providers is described below.

Incentive allocation methodology

We will suggest user allocations based on the same measures used to determine protocol-level allocations so that the same users responsible for Jediswap's portion of the total incentive allocation also receive all the incentives.

The first split of allocation is by pair. The Starknet Foundation will determine this split.

The following pairs are eligible for rewards:

The results of the query we use to determine allocation will be published for review days before the first allocation.

How do I earn the most STRK incentives?

Please keep in mind the following guidelines for receiving the most STRK in order of importance. The exact algorithm may change from fortnight to fortnight.

  • Larger positions earn a larger share of incentives, all else equal

  • The longer you hold a position, the more rewards you get (during the event)

Participation in the program

Because we compute the suggested allocation of rewards off-chain and retroactively, no action is required to participate in this program. If you have a position on one of the eligible pairs, it will receive rewards.

Claiming your allocation

The allocation will be available to claim on the Jediswap's Rewards Page

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