How to make a swap

In JediSwap, users can swap tokens permissionlessly without losing custody of their funds.

1. Choose the tokens you wish to swap

You can also search a token by its name or contract address.

2. Enter the input or output amount

  • Enter the amount that you wish to swap. Fill in either the input amount for the token you want to trade or the output amount for the token you want to receive.

3. Review your swap

  • Click on the 'Swap' button to see a preview of your swap.

This screen will show you all the details of your swap, like the swap fee, price impact, allowed slippage, etc.

4. Confirm your swap

  • Once you have reviewed your swap details, click on the โ€œConfirm Swapโ€ button, and it will open an Argent-X popup to authorize the transaction

5. Sign the swap transaction

  • Argent-X will prompt you to sign the swap transaction. Click on "Sign" to complete the transaction.

6. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed

This should take a couple of seconds.

How to add Liquidity on JediSwap

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