Jediswap v2


JediSwap V2 is a Cairo fork of Uniswap V3. The smart contract system comprises of many libraries, which together make the Core and Periphery.

Core contracts provide fundamental safety guarantees for all parties interacting with JediSwap. They define the logic of pool generation, the pools themselves, and the interactions involving the respective assets therein.

Periphery contracts interact with one or more Core contracts but are not part of the core. They are designed to provide methods of interacting with the core that increase clarity and user safety.

External calls will primarily call the periphery interfaces. Externally available functions are all viewable in the reference documentation. Internal functions are viewable on the JediSwap V2 Github repo.


Core Source Code

The core consists of a factory and a pool deployer contract. The factory creates the pools.


Factory Reference

The factory defines the logic for generating pools. A pool is defined by two tokens, which make up the asset pair, and a fee. There can be multiple pools of the same asset pair, distinguished only by their swap fee.


Pool Reference

Pools primarily serve as automated market makers for the paired assets.


Periphery Source Code

The periphery is a constellation of smart contracts designed to support interactions with the core. As the protocol is a permissionless system, the contracts described below have no special privileges and are only a small subset of possible periphery-like contracts.


Swap Router Reference

Swap Router Interface

The swap router supports all the basic requirements of a front-end offering trading. It natively supports single trades (x to y) and multihop trades (e.g. x to y to z).

NFT Position Manager

NFT Position Manager Reference

NFT Position Manager Interface

The position manager handles the logic transactions involving the creation, adjustment, or exiting of positions.

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