How to ZAP on Starknet

1. Select the desired tokens and quantity.

  • Head over to the JediSwap ZAP page.

  • Proceed by selecting the token you wish to add to liquidity with.

  • Select the token you intend to add liquidity with.

  • Select the LP token you want to receive.

  • Input the quantity of tokens with which you intend to provide liquidity with, and you will also be able to see the corresponding amount of LP tokens you'll obtain.

2. Review and confirm your transaction

  • After inputting the desired amount, click on the "Review" button.

  • Examine the specifics of your ZAP transaction, such as the anticipated LP token quantity, fee, slippage tolerance, etc. Once you've assessed the transaction details, proceed by clicking on "Confirm".

3. Sign the ZAP transaction

  • After clicking on the "Confirm" button, your Starknet Wallet (Argent X, Braavos, Argent Web Wallet) will display a prompt, asking you to sign the ZAP transaction.

  • To finalize the transaction, simply click on the "Sign" option.

4. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed

This should take a couple of seconds.

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