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JediSwap is 100% led and operated by the Mesh community.

What is the Mesh community?

The Mesh community is a group of people who believe in transparency and equal accessibility. Mesh Community is on a mission to create a fair and transparent organizational framework.

We believe humanity can thrive if everyone has the freedom to

  • work for what they believe in

  • choose with whom they want to work with

  • work from where they want to

  • choose how much they want to work

  • contribute with the skills they want to

What is the Mesh contributor program?

People in the Mesh community collaborate, learn, and earn together. Independent contributors help the Mesh community with development, community building, research, product development, growth, etc.

Products built by the Mesh community are community-driven, making everything bottom-up and non-hierarchical. From critical decisions to monetary rewards, all are processed with consensus, making everything transparent. There is no central team. The community and its set rules drive everything.

Why become a Contributor?

You should become a contributor if you want to

  • collaborate with like-minded people who believe in an equally accessible and transparent future

  • work on creating the future of work with community-driven organizations

  • be at the forefront of the financial revolution, bringing Open Finance to billions of people.

  • learn about Web 3.0 and the practices of community, consensus, and self-sovereignty

  • earn ownership of the tools and products Mesh community launches

How are Mesh contributors rewarded?

The Mesh community is building a unique incentive system to fairly and handsomely reward and recognize fellow contributors. This incentive system aims to remove all politics, reduce work pressure, and make collaboration fun. Contributors earn points for any contribution, like development, design, marketing, community management, etc. These contribution points will be converted to NFTs that show your efforts and impact on building JediSwap on-chain. These NFTs will be used for various benefits, like access to opportunities and token distribution for projects Mesh community launches.

What are the ways to contribute?

There are multiple areas where we could use some help. Here are all the guilds we have:

  • Force Wielders (create content about JediSwap)

    • Independent Crypto Twitter users

    • Writers

    • Youtubers

    • KOLs

  • Community Managers

    • Actively help other people on Discord and create good vibes

  • Writers (create content for JediSwap)

    • Documentation

    • Twitter Threads

    • Copy-writing (marketing material, website, etc.)

    • Blog posts

    • Translations

  • Developers

    • Website Development

    • Smart contracts in Cairo

    • Building bots to make things easier

  • Design

    • UI/UX (Website Design/App Design)

    • Illustrations/sketches/Stickers/Emojis

    • Marketing materials (Banners/Poster)

    • Animation Videos

    • Creative memes (not general memes)

  • Problem Solvers

    • Discovering Problems and solving them

    • Sharing Growth Ideas

    • Projects/Ideas execution

    • Brainstorming/Feedback/Suggestions on existing projects/ideas

    • Project Management - leading a small/big project

    • DAO operations

    • Leaders - folks who take accountability and responsibility

Check out the Mesh community notion page to learn more: https://jediswap.notion.site/3420d52b110a4ba0a039346119abc417?v=0e004cabdebe4792ac9bdaf39c59c030

How to join the Mesh Community?

Connect with us on Discord: https://discord.gg/jediswap

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