DeFi spring STRK incentives

How you earn STRK rewards by adding liquidity on Jediswap pool

What is DeFi spring?

DeFi Spring is an incentive program initiated by the Starknet Foundation. The program plans to distribute 40M STRK tokens as incentives for participating in the DeFi platforms on Starknet, such as adding liquidity to AMMs and lending and borrowing protocols.

How to earn STRK incentives on Jediswap

You can earn STRK incentives on Jediswap by providing liquidity to eligible Jediswap v2 pools (concentrate liquidity AMM). The amount of STRK you earn depends on how much trading fees your positions earn and how consistently you earn those fees.

We use a similar approach as the Jediswap LP leaderboard to calculate the exact distribution.

The only difference between the LP leaderboard and points for STRK distribution is that we keep a points calculation per pool to calculate the STRK calculation for each address per pool.


Alice added $100 worth of liquidity in the ETH-USDC pool on Feb 1st. She earned $1 in fees on Feb 1st when the total volume in ETH-USDC was $100. On the 2nd of February, she earned a $0.5 fee when the total volume was $50. She will start with the streak number as 1 on Feb 1st. On Feb 2nd, we will check

her fee ratio = 0.5/1 = 0.5

volume ratio of ETH-USDC =50/100 = 0.5

As her fee ratio on 2nd Feb is greater than 0.75 * 0.5

As she crosses a streak of 7, her streak boost increases to 1.1, and she starts earning 10% bonus points. As she crosses a streak of 15, her streak boost increases to 1.2, and she starts earning 20% bonus points.

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